2019 Event, Copenhagen, Esbjerg, Odense
is now live!

Happy® Xmas Trees is a Danish design initiative.

We host large public art- and cultural events exhibiting up to 100 specially designed trees.

The trees exhibited in the event are then sold to the highest bidder and all the profits are donated to planting trees in our sustainable forest projects. We have already planted trees in several locations in West Africa.

In addition to this we educate young people through our school project that focuses on the effects of climate change, the 17 Global Goals and how even the smallest of actions can make the biggest difference.

We also sell miniature versions of the trees that supports planting actual trees in our project in Mali, West Africa.

Buy one. Plant one.

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A tree for a tree

The Happy® Xmas Trees miniature collection is a selection of our most popular trees. For each one you buy, we plant an actual tree. You can stay simple with gold, silver and oak or get even more festive with red or black with gold or silver stars. These are guaranteed not to go out of style.

Buy a tree - Plant a tree

Start a chain reaction of good

Consumers honour businesses who are engaged socially and environmentally.

By becoming sponsor of Happy® Xmas Trees you can easily increase the value of your CSR commitment. Read more about starting a chain reaction of good and learn what’s in it for you as a sponsor.

Your art can change the world

The Happy® Xmas Tree is a unique canvas for you to work on and an opportunity to make your art and creativity matter in a context that represents much more than cultural value. Read more about starting a chain reaction of good or learn what’s in it for you as an artist.

Happy for artists

Make your teachings matter

As a teacher you may partisipate and use Happy® Xmas Trees to offer your students an opportunity to be creative and contribute to fullfilling 1 of the 17 UN world goals.

Read more about starting a chain reaction of good or learn what’s in it for your school.

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Africa and the future

Africa as a continent is in serious need of humanitarian aid. Since some of the poorest countries in the world are found in West Africa, this is where we have decided to focus our forest project in co-operation with the local people. Supporting them to build a better future.

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