Join Happy® Xmas Trees 2020 as an artist and become part of a cross-cultural concept, which will generate loads of positive publicity about you and your work.

You are guaranteed a high level of exposure, once your sculpture goes on public display in October, November and December.

A unique fiberglass canvas

The Happy® Xmas Tree sculpture is of Danish design. It’s 210 cm high, 120 cm wide and weighs around 60 kilograms.

The sculpture is handmade within the EU from 6 mm fireproof fibreglass. For exhibitions all trees are mounted on a solid concrete base weighing 200 kilos.

The Happy® Xmas Trees are frosted white canvases ready to be transformed by you in any way you choose.

Making your creativity matter

You can join Happy® Xmas Trees by applying here (link). Once we have you listed as an artistic contributor, we will ask you to do a sketch of the art piece you plan to create.

As a contributing artist you are entitled to €400 in funding for materials when sponsored.

We will make sure that the sculpture – your canvas – is delivered to a destination of your choice.

The sculpture will not have a solid concrete base, while you are working on it. It will be mounted right before the opening exhibition.

Join us and use your creativity to do good in the world and be seen by thousands.

Previous contributors

Danish artists Bjørn Nørgaard, Kristian Hornsleth and Jens Galschiot.
Danish comedians Thomas Hartmann and Christian Fuhlendorff.
English artists Beejoir, MAU MAU and Doris Bloom.
French peace artist Benjamin Fabien.
Mr. One Teas from Monaco, Kanteera.
The schools N. Zahles Gymnasium and Solvgades Skole.

And many more fantastic art contributors.

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