Happy Xmas Trees 2019 - Copenhagen - Odense - Esbjerg

Happy® Xmas Trees 2019 - Copenhagen - Odense - Esbjerg

During Christmas we exhibit unique sculptures, decorated by local and international students and schools.

In other words, Happy® Xmas Trees transforms cities into a large outdoor galleries during Christmas, with a cultural, social and environmentally focused project.

They each have their own unique, creative design, form and decoration, and make their mark on a city at selected hot spots in the inner city. Squares, alleys, squares and other open spaces for ten weeks surrounding the Christmas season.

In 2019 we're dedicating the event to students and schools through creativity and art in collaboration with BUF - World Goals School at the Department of Sustainable Development in the Child and Youth Administration / KK.

The theme is 17 Global Goals and our Climate. Each school has decorated their own sculpture in a creative and artistic way to focus on one of the 17 Global Goals. During the exhibition the tree sculptures will be auctioned off by Bruun Rasmussen Auctions with all profits going towards planting Jatropha trees in West Africa.

The auction has ended! - If you missed it
We do have a collection of art painted Happy® Xmas Trees from the exhibition for sale.
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Schools participating in this exhibition

Schools from all over the country has made one uniqe UN global goal statement on their Happy® Xmas Tree and to support tree planting in Vest Africa.

The Auction has ended! If you missed it. We do some Happy® Xmas Trees is available for purchase. Please Contact Happy® Xmas Trees

Students from multiple countries partisapating in Climate summit C40 -  Mexico - London - Moskva - Danmark . Global Goal nr. 11


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