Join our sustainable mission

All Happy® Xmas Trees initiatives aim to create sustainable value on a global scale through locally rooted art, culture and education. Happy® Xmas Trees is the root of sustainable CSR. We hope for your commitment to help start a positive chain reaction both locally and globally.

Art & Culture for the City

The culmination of Happy® Xmas Trees is a spectacular culture and art event unfolding in selected cities from October to December 2019. During the event all sculptures crafted by local and international school children and students will be exhibited on city squares, streets, alleys and open city scapes.
Finally, by mid-December all sculptures enter an online auction and the earnings finance the planting of Jatropha forests in West Africa.

A short Happy® Xmas Trees recap

The initiative Happy® Xmas Trees was originally founded in 2010 by Mehdi Triki.

The first event, art exhibition and auction, was held in Copenhagen the same year and again in 2015.

Until today the earnings have enabled the planting of 120.000 Jatropha trees that through the planting project since 2010 has grown to more than 400.000 planted, equivalent to 800 football fields.

In 2019 the Happy® Xmas Trees will include at least 3 Danish cities, and the ambition is to finance the planting of many more trees for our global climate and the local environment where the trees are planted.

2019 Event, Copenhagen, Esbjerg, Odense.