Happy® Xmas Trees offers students the opportunity to be creative and contribute directly to one of the 17 UN world goals.

With our school concept you have an excellent platform to inspire and educate your students about the environment, climate and the positive chain reactions projects like Happy® Xmas Trees can set in motion – locally and globally.

A new way of inspiring students

Happy® Xmas Trees have previously collaborated with the fantastic educators and their engaged and motivated students in 4., 6. and 9. grade at eg. Sølvgade Skolens Grundskoles and N. Zahles Gymnasium.

Now, we want more Danish schools to get involved.

Since 2015, Happy® Xmas Trees has further developed its educational program and from 2019, together with the Danish school organisation BUF, we're making it a multidisciplinary project with huge potential.

Your school – your world goals

In the second week of September, Happy® Xmas Trees will deliver the big white sculpture to your school. From here on out, the students will have two weeks to create an art piece to be exhibited at a location in your city.

  • Info brochures for every student in 6.-10. grade.
  • Project framework with documentary and questions focusing on the 17 world goals.
  • Multidisciplinary assignments for classes eg. science, social studies, geography, arts and math.
  • Invitation to the grand opening of the Happy® Xmas Trees exhibition October 9, 2019 at Kgs. Nytorv in Copenhagen.
  • Invitation to organize event activity while getting a visit from the World School.
  • After the opening we show an interactive map showing the placements of the sculptures and information about each of them – accessible online via mobile.

Bring Happy to your school

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2019 Event, Copenhagen,
is now live!
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