As a sponsor of Happy® Xmas Trees your company is given a true CSR initiative which can generate positive publicity for your brand, both internally and externally, through PR and marketing.

You are guaranteed a high level of exposure when the sculptures goes on public display in months surrounding Christmas.

Sponsor with benefits

Being a Happy® Xmas Trees sponsor has its obvious advantages, not just for the environment and the population of West Africa, but also for the local culture in the cities in your own country – and for your company as a brand.

As a sponsor your company:

  • Ensures the planting of trees in West Africa and the reduction of CO2 on a global scale.
  • Contributes to a uniquely sustainable initiative that benefits the environment, the people of West Africa and the local artists and school students.
  • Gets branded in a global project with TV and social media, both locally and around the world.
  • Gets a platform to communicate your CSR initiative before, during and after the exhibition.

For Danish companies sponsoring the activities of Happy® Xmas Trees is tax deductible.

Previous contributors

Danish artists Bjørn Nørgaard, Kristian Hornsleth, Jens Galschiot

Danish comedians Thomas Hartmann and Christian Fuhlendorff

English artists Beejoir, MAU MAU and Doris Bloom

French peace artist Benjamin Fabien

Mr. One Teas from Monaco, Kanteera

The schools N. Zahles Gymnasium and Solvgades Skole - and many more fantastic art contributors

Companies like Shamballa Jewels, Swarovski, DHL, Green Team Group, Zeusmark, Royal Unibrew, Tivoli, Dansk Revision, Paustian, Magasin, Lagkagehuset ...

Your sponsorship – Your choice

When it comes to sponsorships size doesn’t matter. Only your dedication counts.

That’s why Happy® Xmas Trees offers companies and organisations a wide variety of individual or shared partnership deals.

No matter what sort or size of sponsorship you choose, we will mount your logo on one of the Happy® Xmas Trees, that will be exhibited in the Happy® Xmas Trees Exhibitions

Depending on your commitment your sponsorship will finance the planting of trees in West-Africa.

This is your chance to make a difference – for your company, for the local anchoring in your city for the population of West-Africa and for the environment.

Make the right choice.

Sponsor a Happy project

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